Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi is the premier alternative asset management firm in the Middle East. We focus on generating sustainable, superior performance for all our stakeholders, growing capital and value through world-class expertise.


We strive to connect seekers and providers of capital through our asset management, investment banking, capital markets and SME lending platforms. This will help build a sustainable and investable private sector in the Middle East, fostering economic growth and prosperity for future generations.


Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi's mission is to be a financial intermediary and advisor to corporates and investors in the region, from the SME stage through multi-national expansion, to maximize growth opportunities and ultimate value. In addition, because of its roots in the Gulf, Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi is a strong partner for businesses from abroad wanting to become established in the region.

Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi was founded in 2001. It has built an exceptional brand name and corporate identity where performance, innovation and quality are the hallmarks.

Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi's brand success is based on its extraordinary track record. Most notably it has played a leading role in many of the region's landmark transactions and through its flagship series of funds pioneered investment opportunities that were previously restricted to GCC nationals available to all nationalities. Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi's subsidiary Finance Corporation has helped many SMEs fund their next stage of growth.

Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi is now a leading regional financial services firm that offers a compelling range of investment opportunities and services to its clients.

Our Values

Delivering Client Value. Our clients are the reason we exist. We want to bring the best advice, products and service our Firm can offer to add value to their business.

Integrity. We endeavor to do the right thing, even if it's the hardest. When in doubt, we will seek professional advice.

Good Governance. We believe in it for ourselves, our clients and our regulators. The markets function better when the rules are reasonable, clear and enforced, participants believe in the rules and investors can maintain confidence. Effective capital markets help build enterprise and value, which in turn makes lives better.

Fairness. We endeavor to treat all stakeholders according to the same high standards.

Transparency. We wish to be clear and forthcoming about our business, our performance and who we are, except when client confidentiality, fair conduct rules and proprietary information demand our discretion.

The Team. We believe we are more effective when we collaborate. We believe in integrating our businesses to give our clients the best we can offer, but also seek to maintain the entrepreneurial sparkle of fresh ideas.

Our Heritage. We are proud to have been first at so many things and strive to maintain this tradition.