We at Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi pride ourselves on forming true partnerships with the owners and stakeholders of businesses we invest in. We work closely with our partners to create value and put portfolio companies firmly on an accelerated growth path.

There is no better testament to our success in this effort than these testimonials from our real-life ‘partners in growth.'

  • Metito

    "Among three contenders interested in Metito, in 2006, we selected Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi to invest in the Metito Group to support our intensive utilities investment program. Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi has provided more than just capital. We chose them because of their wide, highly reputable and influential shareholder base, extensive IPO experience, and most importantly, a strong chemistry with their management team. Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi's dynamic leadership is coupled with a highly inspired and professional management team that provided varied and diverse support. In the last four-year period they have been our partner for growth, rising up at every occasion. Our top line has gone up by four times, and our bottom line by 20 times! Such unprecedented growth took place both in the strong and the weaker economic years.

    Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi assumed a proactive role from the beginning and has introduced significant business opportunities to us. They have been instrumental in structuring three of our key successful relationships.

    We are now working very closely together to prepare for strategic developments, and look forward to future success with their continued support."

    Mr. Mutaaz Ghandour
  • Capital Fund Marine Services

    "It has been a pleasure to work with Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi. We have worked together to appoint a completely new management team and rebuild the business structure from the bottom up. GMS has built three barges for the oil and gas market and completed major refurbishments on a further three. In addition to this GMS trebled EBITDA and net profit in an almost unprecedented worldwide financial crisis. None of this development and expansion would have been possible without the additional finance required by GMS. Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi has been instrumental in raising these monies in an environment of poor liquidity throughout the globe.

    The company has had full barge utilization since the Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi acquisition and has also had 200% growth in daily rates, while operational expenditure has increased only marginally. In addition to this growth Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi has assisted in packaging the GMS brand and helped to market the business throughout the MENA region as well as the rest of the world. As a result GMS is currently moving into the offshore renewables business stream due to the flexibility of the assets acquired and developed since 2007. This record is unprecedented in the offshore support vessel industry and the Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi team are to be commended for their integral approach in assisting the senior management team of GMS in its strategy going forward."

    Mr. Duncan Anderson
    Capital Fund Marine Services
  • Ma'arif for Education and Training

    "I am proud to be working with Ma'arif. Ma'arif is a business that has performed exceptionally with predictable revenue, profit and remarkable educational results, time and time again.

    Our mission for the future is to deliver the best learning products to international standards. We will do this using technology and by extending our academic coverage. Together with Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi and our other shareholders we are implementing several value-adding initiatives. These include: increasing students and parents' loyalty and enrolment; increasing our services portfolio; and building new capacity. Profitable growth requires planning. We could not plan for profitable growth without the support and understanding of our shareholder Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi. Together we are unlocking the full potential of Ma'arif. Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi has proven expertise in running flourishing investment cases with future predictive and calculated milestones. They are true partners in growth. Their active ownership and tactical leverage with the experience of their boards are further accelerating the growth and profitability of Ma'arif. Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi's directions to value creation come with experience of organic growth, operational improvement and acquisitions within the region. Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi invests as a strategic partner alongside our management team, working together to build and realise superior value. The ingredients of success have been vitally complemented by having Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi with us."

    Mr. Ashraf ElGuindi
    Chairman of the Executive Board
    Ma'arif for Education and Training