Our Approach

Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi's Private Debt business offers bespoke financing solutions to mid-market companies and private equity sponsors operating in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey.


Disciplined Investment Strategy

Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi ("Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi") applies a private debt oriented and disciplined approach to evaluating investment opportunities. Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi seeks to invest in companies that meet the following investment criteria:

  1. Solid sector fundamentals, non-cyclical industries with stable and positive fundamentals;
  2. Experienced management teams;
  3. Solid historical financial performance and robust cash flow generation;
  4. Realistic business plans with compelling, value-added uses of capital;
  5. Strong corporate governance practices; and
  6. Contractually defined exit alternatives

Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi invests in companies that are generating more than USD 5 million in EBITDA and have revenues of USD 25 million to USD 250 million.

Investment Approach

Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi provides bespoke, private debt-based financing solutions to mid-market companies, private equity buyout investors and management-led sponsorless transactions in need of development financing or debt restructuring solutions in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey. Mezzanine financing is appropriate for a wide range of investment opportunities including acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, growth capital, and balance sheet recapitalization.

Our principal focus is preservation of capital while generating superior risk-adjusted rates of return with current income, downside protection and equity upside. Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi's objective is to generate current income and capital appreciation by investing directly in a diversified portfolio of debt instruments, including, but not limited to, mezzanine instruments, preferred equity securities, high yield debt securities, convertible and other similar income-producing debt securities and obligations.

We work with business owners, family offices, private sector companies, financial sponsors and invest throughout the capital structure based on a company's business needs and tailor longer term strategies designed to achieve the company's goals. We position ourselves as a flexible investment partner and not just an institutional lender.

Capital Investment Fund Abu Dhabi believes that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors positively contribute to investment performance, as well as contributing to help build a more stable, sustainable and inclusive global economy. By incorporating ESG criteria into our investment decision making and investment practices we can influence the companies we invest in to improve their performance.

We work with companies to develop capital solutions tailored around specific requirements. For seven years we have been structuring bespoke solutions that can include senior and subordinated debt, as well as equity and a breadth of investment solutions to meet refinancing or acquisition objectives.